Opening Round… District Tournament {2-11}

The beginning of the end…

I have probably been saying this for weeks now.  It is going to become more and more a motto around here.  Or is it the beginning of the beginning?  Trevor is growing up and moving on.  So, here is the start of his final three basketball games.

Emma is all geared up in her hat and glasses for the game.

And Olivia has her hat and wig… ready to go.

And Chad stole the wig.  I have a couple more images of him with his Bulldog hat on as well, but I liked this one because Papa is in the picture too.

I don’t know for sure if he missed this or made it.  It is all becoming a blur at this point.  Just liked that I got a shot of him taking it to the hoop.

Trevor’s job for many games this year was to ‘face guard’ the opponent’s high scoring players.  What did this entail?  Chasing them around the floor like stink on… you know the phrase.  This doesn’t show what it looks like very well.  It shows him and Justin B from Scranton (who he held to 3 points for the game).  Justin’s average was 18 points per game this year.

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