One Day at a Time


A song I sang with my grandma as we walked on the farm, as we climbed the manure pile, as I said goodbye at her funeral.  One of the most important messages I will ever receive is from one of our favorite songs.

 Along with knowing that God is going to help me through anything life hands me, knowing to take each day as it comes has helped me grow into the person I am today. 

What other life lessons did I learn from Grandma Mushka?

-How to make homemade bread (although I can’t find my recipe card covered in lard).
-How to clean/butcher a chicken (something I would love Trevor to experience if anyone out there knows of someone who does chicken picking… please let me know).
-To yodel (or at least try).
-To swing your hips when you are really dancing or excited.
-How to cuss.
-To play rummy.
-To write on the back of things (more on this below).
-To love with every bit of your heart.
-How to really be alive.

The picture from above is one that I gave Grandma Mushka in 1995.  It was from Trevor, Dave and I and she loved it.  How do I know all these facts?  They were all written right on the back of the picture (with a permanent marker).  Very often, when she received a gift from us, she would write on the bottom or back of it along with the year so she knew who gave things to her.  When we received gifts from her, the same was true.  In fact, often the item had a story or sentiment written on it.  I have a framed picture of the poem “Footprints” that talks about the ‘faux dust’ on the frame so I wouldn’t have to worry about people thinking I was a messy house keeper.  Housekeeping is a skill I WISH I had picked up from her.  Now that I think about it, she did teach me a thing or two about making a bed ‘the right way’.

Photographs were another item that needed writing.  When I would hand Grandma a picture for her to keep, it was vital that all the important information had been chronicled on the back.  Child’s name, age, parent’s names, grandparent’s names (not kidding) and anything else she felt would help keep the story and information from that image safe… on the back of the image.  Having lost all four (and an extra adopted) grandparents, and going through pictures each time, I know why it is important and need to be better about doing it myself.

You can see in her video (uploaded to youtube because I can’t figure out a better way) some of the fantastic memories that were created with our family over the years.  There are some notes from the ‘backs of pictures’ that we loved as we were sorting through.  She was one of the most amazing people anyone could meet.  As Rick Krebsbach said at her family service, “She is someone who will be missed.”

A Life to Celebrate

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  1. Kimberlee Martin says:

    Made me think of the plaque you passed on to me of being a single parent, you wrote in black magic marker a message to me, and when I got married I passed it on to another single Mom, and in true form, added a note in black magic marker too. ~love you

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