More basketball… and there will be more…{2-8}

We traveled to Hebron for the Bulldogs final regular season game.  Tournaments begin on Friday in Bowman.  It will be strange having the games in town this year.  We usually have to drive to Dickinson three times in 4 days for basketball games.  Not sure what we will do with all the extra gas money (ha ha).

Here he goes out for starting line ups.  He was NOT first today so it was a bit different.

I don’t know if Nana noticed, but it is quite possible Trevor fouled this kid on the shot.  But I don’t believe the refs noticed or called it.  My mom is something else when it comes to the games and her ideas of what is fair and unfair in it.  This picture just made me think of her.

And… what was this 45 year old doing on her birthday?  Spending it at her son’s ball game as well.  This is another image taken by Olivia.  She is doing pretty well with the heavy camera and lens.

Happy Birthday Tami!

One thought on “More basketball… and there will be more…{2-8}

  1. connie says:

    well if that WAS a foul then Tate would still be shooting free throws for the year!!!!!!!!! see i do know what its all about. nana

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