Let’s be sisters… {2-23}

They crack me up when they ‘pretend’ to be sisters.  They love each other so much more when they are pretending.  Emma (and I) have been under the weather for the last few days.  I had to make my way back into work today so Nana came to the rescue and stayed with the girls today.  She is our most special gift from God.  I digress… 

Anyway, they discovered that our friend, Payton, forgot her MP3 player here and also discovered it had enough battery power to play some music.  Justin Beaver (Beiber) was even on it.  The girls crawled up into bed and sat side by side “pretending” to be sisters and share the earphones.  It was a moment that I wasn’t sure I would capture in time.  As I was heading to get the Canon, Mom said, “Just be sure to capture it in your memory first.  Then you will be sure to have it.”  I know exactly what she was talking about.  Sometimes we have to snap that ‘Kodak Moment’ in our mind.  I did that, and then snapped a few of the girls… Sisters.

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