Just a few tears for me (so far)…{2-14}

I received an email the day of this game reminding me that Trevor looks to me for strength sometimes and today just might be one of those days.  I knew in my mind that he would be happy with a win and fine with a loss.  It was the rest of us that I worried about on the loss thing.  Anyway, I was taking pictures and trying to capture the moments that I knew would fade over time, but I wanted to hold onto forever.  I held it together as much as I needed to and I think only one or two people realized I shed a couple of tears. 

Here you find the final chest bump by Cole and Trevor.  I had Jacki help me maintain focus but not letting my head move as they jumped.  A lesson learned from previous games.

The final starting line up huddle for the Class of 2011.  Trevor, Tate, Cole, Andy, and Daniel…  Thanks for many great wins, some heartbreaking losses and lots of fun watching over the years.  Hard to believe I was one of your first coaches.  That makes me giggle just a bit.

And he leaves the floor.  Thanks Trevor for being a super son.  You played hard and made us proud.

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