It is not how it looks… {2-22}

She is not really injured.  This is what happens when two little girls are home alone with their Mom and the mom says, “Sure you can go get a bandaid for your papercut.”  Nearly 2 boxes of bandaids later…

Now, anyone who has ever worn a bandaid should be thinking, “Ouch, that must have hurt to get them off.”  Yes, indeed it did.  Emma got into the bathtub and removed hers right away.  Olivia pulled most of hers off as well, but getting the last two off her face was a bit of a challenge.  Sorry Nana, but I did the jerk and pull it off for the one on her cheek.  The one on the forehead stayed another day and I let bathwater help us out a bit.  The problem was not so much how sticky it was, but rather the fact that she had it stuck in her eyebrow.  I didn’t check to see if the bandaid has little eyebrow hairs in it or not, but now she has a bit of an idea what I go through as she watches Monica rip my eyebrows into shape.

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