A busy day…{2-24}

Today marks a lot of special moments for my family.  Birthdays and anniversaries are a big deal on February 24th.

I will begin by saying a special shout out to Quin on her birthday.

Followed by a Happy Birthday to our nephew, Cayden Welch.

And next up, Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad.  We had a 40th party a few years back and I thought maybe I would find a picture of them together, but no such luck.  I’ve searched and searched and am going to have to say, “Sorry world, I have no images of my parents together.

And finally, this day will always be special because it was the day my Grandma was born.  Happy Birthday to Grandma Mushka in Heaven.  The chickens have been fed, the coffee is on and it is a woderful day where you are.

Here is one of my favorites of Grandma when she was younger…

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