The Center of it All {1-25}

On Tuesday, January 25th the moment came for the center of my life for many years to say thanks to me (and Dave and Chad and Tana).  It really isn’t a big deal for the kids when Parents’ Night roles around, but this year for me I was a bit nervous how I would react.  In my mind, I knew I was going out there for the last time for a long time.  The girls will have many years of fun and growing before we are on the playing court for Parents’ Night.  One thing helped me a great deal, this night was not happening on the same night as ‘the last time he plays’ on the home court.  I know for certain that helped a ton.

I don’t really have a great deal to say about the night.  I did my job as a Pep Club person and handed out our pins saying we are proud parents.  I took pictures for the Lemmon newspaper, and I maintained my composure during the ‘ceremony’.  My flower is still on the counter and alive. 

I know time goes by and our babies grow up, but this year is going way to fast.  I knew it would.  People have told me it would.  I need to cherish each memory and am glad that I have this blog as a means to chronicle things I would otherswise let slide by.

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