Can you tell which kid is NOT camera shy lately? {1-22}

I feel like there are a million posts with Olivia in them already, but she doesn’t run or make terribly funny faces when the camera is out.  The day was winding down and the girls had played and played.  They were even getting along, which is dependent on many factors lately.  Anyway, the focus is off AGAIN, but a picture I did take.  I need to ask my online photo friends what the heck I need to do to fix my problems.  Focus is not the only one.

Oops, I did it again… {1-21}

Well, I missed yet another day.  When I get ready for basketball games and have it in my mind that the image will likely come from a game… I forget to shoot anything when the games are cancelled due to weather.

I found this one of Olivia from the summer of 2009.  She was playing in the soft sandy dirt at a baseball game.  It was starting to get dark, but I managed to grab enough light.  Just a bit underexposed but it is still one I love.  Actually, there are several from the series that I love, but will just share the one for now.

VICTORY!!! {1-20}

I am super excited about this win.  And, I may be super proud of Trevor this year.  Well, every year, but the thought of Parents’ Night being next week makes my stomach churn.  February is fast approaching and I don’t know how I will do when I know in my heart that it is his last game.  I remember standing in the stands in Bismarck as he played his last seconds of hockey as a 3rd grader.  My heart ached, my eyes were certainly not dry, and I could not breath.  Much like when I watched Toy Story 3 over Christmas break.  Did you know Andy packs up his things and goes to college?  Yep, just leaves his mother behind.

So, with my heart full of pride here are the TREVOR only highlights from the Bowman County Bulldogs v. New England Tigers @ home game for 2011.

A couple of stolen balls led to fast break lay ups for Trevor in the first half.  Lovely way to help the team stay in the game.  Our shots were not falling at first and it was getting a bit nerve wracking.

Trevor and Clarence (the New England player pictured below) have a bit of a history.  As an 8th grader, Trevor was playing in New England’s gym and Clarence stole the ball from the team and proceeded to head to the opposing basket to try and score a fast break lay up.  Well, Trevor was not about to let that happen so, off he went to try and stop Clarence.  To be honest, I have no idea if Clarence made the shot, but Trevor was assessed with a foul and 3 broken bones.  He came down strangely on his ankle, broke one bone there and cracked both the radius and ulna in his left arm.  Needless to say it was his last game for the 8th grade season.

With that bit of history, it is important to note Clarence and Trevor have both shown much improvement over the years.  Clarence is quite a ball handler and shooter.  Trevor held him to only 6 points in the game last night.  He has quite the hustle on defense.  One of his many strengths.

And, just because… a three point attempt as Clarence turns to box Trevor out.

And, I lied.  Here is one picture reflecting a TEAM highlight for the Bulldogs.  VICTORY!!!  Way to go to all the players.  I’m super happy that we are moving forward with some wins.  Let’s keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday Chad! {1-19}

As Chad was trying to get ready to leave for bowling on his big 39th birthday… the girls insisted he blow out his candles.  He thought they were kidding.  After all, it was BOWLING night.

I pointed out that at the age of 39, blowing out the candles is not about HIM, but rather about the girls and the party they think he needs for his birthday celebration.

So atop a pan of Special K bars are six candles and a chance for everyone to blow them out.  Happy Birthday Chad!

Drums or a trumpet… I am thinking drums… {1-18}

I spent the day with Cole and Matthew on the 18th.  Bob and Brenda were still in Mexico so the girls and I loaded up and spent the day at their house.  Thought it would be nice for them to spend some time at home since we had been running around in Bismarck all weekend.

Anyway, a part of the drill at their house is an hour per week of band practice.  Yikes… I remember Trevor practicing on his drum (mainly the practice pad or a book) several years ago, but I don’t recall it being quite so loud.

Olivia loved it.  She was very intrigued by the horn and the songs coming from it.  My ears were less enthused.  Cole does a great job but hearing On Wisconsin, We Got the Beat, and Material Girl too many times in a short time frame on trumpet only… was a bit much for this OLD lady.

I loved the expression on her face as she watched him play.  It made the loudness level a bit less for me.  God Bless all the Moms and Dads out there enduring the 60 minute band practice per week.  My hat is off to you.

He Sleeps… {1-17}

This picture is quite out of focus (OOF).  It was taken with my cell phone on the way home from the Bismarck trip.  The vehicle is moving at maximum speed of 40 mph and it took us nearly 5 hours to drive from Bismarck to Bowman (generally a 3 hour max journey).  The boy was tired and I was quite happy to see him sleep.

He Sleeps… {1-17}

This picture is quite out of focus (OOF).  It was taken with my cell phone on the way home from the Bismarck trip.  The vehicle is moving at maximum speed of 40 mph and it took us nearly 5 hours to drive from Bismarck to Bowman (generally a 3 hour max journey).  The boy was tired and I was quite happy to see him sleep.

The Frog Slide {1-16}

And a day with more than one image… Does this make up for the fact that I missed a day?

Here she is… Miss Bravery (ha ha) finally going down the frog slide.  We stayed at the Ramkota in Bismarck for the fun weekend (prior to the long drive home).  The girls walked in the motel and Olivia said, “Do we have to go swimming now?”  I’m thinking she must have been right… you sort of ‘have to’ go swimming if there is a pool with a frog slide.  Emma would not do the frog slide on the first day, but when it was time to leave she decided it was one of those things she would regret if she didn’t get up there and try it.

Matthew enjoyed a little water play for the day as well.  He even went down the frog slide for a moment of fun.  It was fun to see the kids together at a pool.  Something we just never do as a family.  We went quite a bit more when Trevor was little because of illnesses in the family.  We need to make more of an effort to just go and have fun.

And… Miss Olivia goes down the frog slide.  She had a great time and loved the water, loved the people and pretty much everything about the experience.  But… she would have no part of the big slide with Chad.  He wanted to take them both down the adult slide, but they are just not into that sort of thing.

#12 Line Up {1-15}

This post covers a few areas on my photography challenges.  It is my 365 post for January 15th, 2011 and is # 12 on my 26 Things list… Line Up.  Decided it fit, as this is a “Starting Line Up”.

The Bulldogs played in the Bismarck Civic Center.  The Civic Center used to be the meca for the State Class B Boys’ Basketball tournament, but for some reason is no longer ‘the’ location.  Most often, it is held in Minot these days.  I was happy to see my son play on the floor at the Civic Center.  It was fun.  The atmosphere was strange because it was super quiet and you could hear everyone around you. 

The Bulldogs pulled off another win.  Go Bulldogs!

Uh Oh… missed a day… {1-14}

Well, it was bound to happen and here we go.  My first day without an image to post.  We were supposed to have a basketball game, but it was canceled.  My friend, Tall Tara, was here and I didn’t take any pictures of her with the girls.  Just did not think of getting my camera out.  Shame on me.

So, now I have to decide.  Leave it blank or dig for something old?  So, I have decided I will find an image from my past, that I really enjoy and share on the days I miss.  I don’t intend to make it a habit, I just know for a fact that it is bound to happen.

Here is my first blast from the past photo for 365. 

Taken at the hospital when Olivia was born.