Looked Out My Window… {1-23}

…and what do I see?

The girls sliding down the snowbank under a street light.

Emma and Olivia walked up to the rec center to take Trevor a movie earlier today and ended up staying to play in the gym for a bit.  He called to tell me they were on the way home and when they got here they did not want to come in.  Time passed and I looked out a few moments later and it was dark.  The girls were having a great time going down the hill.  Then, they started eating the dirty snow chunks.  YUK.

Here are some flash enhanced (yuk again) pictures of them playing in the cold.  I guess the weather all around the county was not good, but in the center of town, not much is noticeable.

Eating some incredibly dirty snow.  Hope they don’t get sick?

Up the hill they go.  From the house it looked like they were jumping off and not actually sliding.  They built their own steps to get up the hill which I thought was pretty awesome.

Ready set…. GO!

And the big plunge to the bottom.

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