And the steal…{1-30}

During the Bowman County v. Hettinger game (the last of these two teams meeting in the regular season…ever… since Hettinger is changing it all up with Scranton), Trevor stole the ball and I happened to have my camera ready to capture the moment from beginning to nearly the end.  The fast break lay-up ended up being out of focus.  But, I think it is cool to look at all the different parts of the steal and the people in the background.  Here is a series of 9 images.  Enjoy.

I like how you can almost see that he has a little something on his mind regarding taking the ball away.  Then things just ‘fell’ into place I think.

And, I am not certain, but I believe he was fouled on the shot.  Went to the line and made 1 of 2 free throws… at least that is what I figure from the images I have following this one.

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