My Girls and Photobooth Fun

When I was getting ready for the photo booth idea for our charity walk I needed to try a few to see if what I wanted to do would work. So, here was my first attempt with my girls. The pictures were fun and did not have to be perfect because I was cropping them for the strip.

The actual photo booth strips were not a fancy thing at all. I printed on my home printer and laminated them so the ink wouldn’t do funny things. Totally just for fun and no expectations from anyone.

And here is the photo strip I did… The images are dark and I made some changes for the final products at the event. Just didn’t make the changes to this one.

#21 – In My Mailbox

I have been trying a new product called My Mosquito Deleter.  Still not going to say if I love it or hate it.  Emma reacts quite badly to bites so I wanted to try something that would allow her to play in the yard and not have to worry every single minute.  It is supposed to trap the moms as they lay the eggs and then the larva are never able to escape.

#17 – New

Taken in Rhame. Emma loves horses so we had to go see this foal, as she called it. The baby was born just a few days before this photo. I was surprised her Momma let us be there as long as she did. We were in the van (shooting from the window…in the rain). She let me capture a few images but became annoyed with us and moved in front of her baby.

#1 – Structure

Olivia and I built this tower together.  I decided to snap a couple of pictures of it and wanted to post the one that shows the “Structure” and the “Constructor”.  I’m going to assume that she has chocolate on her face.  The chances are highly likely since she has a bit of a ‘thing’ for chocolate.

#4 – Triple

This image didn’t turn out exactly as I had envisioned, but we had put the tulips in a champagne flute in the window and the light was hitting them so cool, I just had to try.  I do not post process anything at this point in my learning experience.  So for anyone that is photosavvy… these are SOOC (straight out of camera).

#20 – Ten Minutes Away

Progress is not always something easy to digest.  These wind towers are being built roughly 10 minutes away from my Mom and Dad’s house.  The same towers the Tivey family checks out from time to time.

Through Mom’s kitchen window,  she now looks out to see a substation and power lines that were not there before.  These towers appear on the horizon as you enter my home town.  Here they look interesting, but a part of me misses seeing the wide open skyline of home.

Just One…

This is a previously posted… post.  I pulled it from  It was one of the first pictures I posted over there.  I want to continue my 26 Things journey.  I have let it and my photography fall by the way side and that is not something I want to have happen.   So… here is the original post.  And the posts that will be coming soon are also old.  When the new ones start, I will be sure to make a note of it.

I want to sharpen my skills behind the Canon and make some great memories.  As a part of that commitment, I need to be taking pictures and have a purpose.  So, I am going to do a project called 26 things.  This picture is not a part of that, but rather my way of knowing I can really post a picture and have people see it.  As far as I can tell through the ‘preview’ window.  I did it!!! Woo Hoo for me.  Woo Hoo for Jodi.  What a week for the two of us.  Progress.